MicAngelo is the owner and chief mixing and mastering engineer at The Mix Palace,(formerly The Music Palace) With over 50 Gold and Platinum records to his credit, including Public Enemy's biggest seller apocalypse 91, Redman, Turnback, Mariah Carey, Seal, etc,. With over 30 years experience he still remains extremely passionate about his craft. 


Today  MicAngelo  has built a reputation on making bands and artists home recordings sound totally professional. Utilizing his professional mastering electronics.


   Since the end of the nineties, artists have been recording at home or in budget studios more than ever. MicAngelo saw this as an opportunity and developed a final mix and mastering system that would radically improve the sound quality of recordings made in budget studios.


  Offering clients a sonic edge was always our philosophy, and MichaelAngelo knows today that the sound of an artist CD or digital file is one of the most important ingredients an artist needs to compete in the music industry.




Platinum record Producer, Mixer and Mastering Engineer

(Latest work: Dave East, Uncle Murda, Rihanna,Lil Kim)

(Brand New, The Game, Lil Kim)